IEP Season! Here’s a tip for parents and caregivers!

Having an IEP go smoothly is one of the best building blocks for a child’s educational program.  An IEP that goes smoothly results from true collaboration between families and schools.  It also doesn’t just happen.  IEPs, both the documents and the process, are hard work and require a good bit of preparation and thought before the IEP is even drafted.
Here are just a few accommodations that can be added to your child’s IEP at anytime!
  • visual charts
  • visual schedules
  • visual cues in locker, lunch box, on desk
  • fidget spinners/fidget toys
  • written schedules on locker, lunch box
  • graphic organizers
  • choice cards
  • emotions cards
  • ear plugs or headphones
  • special seating-seat pads, sit-upon balls, etc.
  • adaptive equipment-pens, pencils, calculators, fidgety toys, large print books, audio, etc.
  • use of FM headsets to either have blocking out music, or FM transmission of teacher speaking, use Beatz or something else socially acceptable, blocks out outside noise
  • rewards charts
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2017 Top Autism Book For Parents “Uniquely Human”

Barry M. Prizant, PhD, is an authority on autism. In “Uniquely Human,” he shows the disorder in a new light. 
Rather than portraying autism as a disability
in need of treatment, he focuses instead on understanding people with autism. By seeking to understand 
the person behind the diagnosis, you can better enhance their experience and help them build a better life.
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Sibshops – A Sibling Support Program

Sibshops is a fun and energetic program for siblings of individuals with special needs.  Sibshops are individual events that allow participants to acknowledge their life-long concerns and meet other siblings in a relaxed and recreational setting.  Activities include discussing common joys and concerns, learning how to handle situations commonly experienced by others in the group, and learning more about the implications of having a sibling with special needs.

If you are interested in AZANOW bringing this amazing program to the West Valley, please fill out the form below. We will be compiling data over the next several weeks and will make a decision based off your responses!

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